Sunday, 30 June 2013 15:38

Enjoy Natural Recipes from your Garden

Have you ever dreamed of having the time, land and motivation to cook a majority of your food from the produce you grow? That’s exactly what Donalyn Ketchum and her husband do on their two acres of land in upstate New York.  Donalyn, a freelance writer, documents her experience in the blog The Creekside Cook, which is filled with recipes that she devises and updates on her life.  Donalyn and her husband believe that the best-tasting food is the food you grow yourself, and her blog
posts on Creekside Cook seem to bear out this truth. Her posts are filled with delicious recipes and images of the resulting dishes that look so good that you’ll want to start plowing your land so you too can start whipping up a meal prepared from your garden.

Donalyn and her husband are committed to growing as much of their own food as they can, which is an admirable feat. Donalyn’s clear joy of cooking and the pleasure she takes in sharing her meals with her grown children and grandchildren makes this a truly heartwarming blog. Not only will you get to see some impressive gardening and cooking in action, but you’ll quickly feel like you’re part of Donalyn’s family at the Creekside Cook.

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