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Simple Food With Superpowers Fasting in Ramadan

Eating well helps keep us healthy and active and thus improves our enjoyment of life. Good diets and eating habits are fundamental for proper growth and development and for the prevention of disease. A number of different and very serious health problems are caused by poor diets and poor nutrition. Many of these problems handicap people for their entire lives; some of them lead to death. Learning how to meet our nutritional needs throughout life by making good
food choices for a healthful balanced diet can help us avoid or prevent many of these health problems. Eating well for good health requires a basic knowledge of foods and the nutrients they provide and an understanding of our nutritional needs throughout the various stages of life. With this knowledge we can practice good, life-long eating habits that will help us be as healthy as we can be Enjoy with the cooking recipes and food in Pakistan Simple Food With Superpowers Fasting in Ramadan pakistani Ramadan recipes.

Black Tea:

When its tea time, health conscious consumers tend to go for green. But black tea (including brands such as Lipton and tapal) can be as good for you because it comes from the same antioxidant -rich plant that produces the green variety. Black tea may offer similar protection from heart disease and some cancers, people with heart disease who drank it daily for a month saw a 50 % improvement in the functioning of impaired blood vessel. Mushroom: They are kind of rubber, they grow in creepy places and yet it has some redeeming qualities. They are low in calories and are a top plant source of B complex vitamins which helps to keep skin healthy and eyesight sharp. All mushrooms offer benefits, but the big winner is the meaty Portobello. Mushrooms contain beta-glucan and chitin, two types of fiber that reduces your cholesterol.


Onions love your heart it has a blood thinning property similar to that of aspirin.They are also a top source of querctin. We absorb about 70 % more quercetin from onions than from apples, another food high in the nutrient. They may also protect your tummy by fighting bacteria that can cause stomach cancer. Raw onions are best because cooking can kill the blood thinning compounds, try slices in salads. If you can’t take the strong taste then marinate them in vinegar with some water, sugar and fresh herbs.

Sunflower Seeds:

With 25 % more vitamin E, than almonds, sunflower seeds are one of those reducing the risk for heart disease and stroke only 2 ounces ( or 4 tbsp.) of dried seeds provide 12 milligrams of vitamin E- that’s 80 percent of your daily needs, they are also full of fiber, healthy fats, protein and iron. Shelled seeds are well tossed into salads, baked goods like muffins or spice cake, meat loaf or any recipe that calls for nuts.

Cherries: It has been analyzed that they have more antioxidants than almost any other food. Cherries both sweet and tart are particularly rich in anticyclonic, micro nutrients that may jump start the immune system and mop up free radicals that cause disease. This may give cherries the potential to help ward off cancer. Other research suggests they may also reduce inflammation associated with arthritis and gout. Fresh cherries are in season from may through August. Freeze the fresh ones for a cool bite, add tart dried cherries to salads or top pancakes with the canned kind. We can also use in fruit chat recipes in Ramadan recipes,

Walnuts heart disease super food

The probable reason: They contain lots of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which turns into heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid once it's in your body. Nuts are also the best -sources of arginine, an amino acid that plays an important role in wound healing and immune functions. A handful a day may reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death for women, according to research from Harvard Medical School.