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Chicken, chick chick favorite

Humans are actually foodie beings. They have a lot of fun while dealing with the funny attributes of their taste buds. They have been through so many tastes in their whole life time that even they won’t know the exact number. Yes, the humans are of course, us. But we have a variety of favorites and a variety of non favorites. Many also say that their favorites change now and then, so that just happens like TV series. Whatever it is we humans had, have and always will continue
to have this love for food.

Chicken recipe is something that tops the charts in many menus having the red dot items, I mean non-veg food. This chicken culinary has been in fashion since it was eaten raw. Yes, there was a trend were chicken was cooked and had with vegetables. The combination is still on. Vegetables combining with chicken and then having them with the concerned bread, chapattis or even rice with accordance to the change of place, city or country. Like is Asia, people treat rice as a favorite companion while there are countries in Europe and America where these chicken favorites are placed in various forms just to hit the correct bud in the tongue. The chicken recipes vary from place to place and taste to taste. For the Chinese it is less spicy and more of a cooked version with lots of changes in the current format of deals. But then in India it has to be full of spices and sour that will help that ting taste to the chicken made.

Marinating as you all know being an important part it has to be taken care for getting the due kind of marination. The overnight marination for chicken is just the best and apt as that will allow all its spices and ingredients to get absorbed on the surface. Thus it may also happen that when various kinds of people judge you with never ending ways of cooking your food, just be proud that you more than one ways as you can satisfy and food hungry person. The likeness towards a good food is something very obvious and acceptable. There is no worry to add good taste and spice to any kind of chicken recipe you have just begun with. More they add or more they absorb the more it does good to the food that is made in the end. Many finalizing smiles have always been helpful to judge the chicken success in the arty ways of taste and formulations. Lisa Martin


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