Tuesday, 24 November 2015 08:51

How to spend a Friday night

Many of us complain that we’re in a rut. We’re bored by everyday life, which consists of getting up to go to work, eating lunch at the same bar, spending evenings watching television. An then the weekend comes ... and we still feel a lack of excitement. Always the same events, pubs, house parties or marathons of TV series.

Fortunately, it’s only up to you whether this state of affairs will change. Start by thinking about what you've always loved doing. Maybe it's time to get back to the sport you loved playing when you were a child? No need to immediately push yourself to the limit at the gym. Try to relax at the weekend, for example by attending dance classes with your loved one.

As for the evenings, instead of watching a blockbuster at the cinema, you can go to the theatre or the opera. Tickets are often available at bargain prices - just look around properly.

There are also alternatives to a weekend of partying. You don’t have to stop it completely. But instead of visiting the same pub for the hundredth time, choose a restaurant where you’ll have a pleasant dinner with friends and a bottle of good wine. Or choose a bar, which offers a wide range of craft beers - for example La Resolution in Las Vegas. In addition, they serve amazing beer brownies!


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