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Ecology and recycling of oil

Used cooking oil can be recycled, so that does not pollute the oceans. Used cooking oil can be recycled, rather than throw it down the drain. It is a simple action that helps protect the environment by double because we avoid the pollution of rivers, soils and pipes at the same time we opened the door of creativity.  Keep in mind that a single liter of cooking oil can contaminate one thousand liters of water.

With this data we should be obliged to re-use. Consumers are essential, both for recycling and for its municipalities are located in these systems. Under investigation are using ceramic membrane bioreactors for recycling, all scientific progress. At home, you can create a variety of organic products such as soaps.
Pour used cooking oil down the sink can cause a significant environmental impact. For example, in Spain moves about 180 million liters of vegetable oil each year. This contamination can be avoided by recycling.

Used oil has many other outlets. From cosmetics to pharmaceuticals to develop oil reused fertilizers, varnishes, wax, creams, detergents, soaps, lubricants, paints, candles, etc.. Ecological practice simply based on rural life, for not many years ago and took advantage at home to making homemade soap. TodayBusiness Management Articles, many supporters at home doing this kind of soap.


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