Monday, 22 April 2013 08:00

No one can change the world alone

Do you think that no one can change the world alone? Or maybe you do not vote in your country because you think that your vote does not count? Change your attitude today and take matters into your own hands! Not just when it comes to your country, but also the whole world!
The United Nations have decided to start a fight with passive societies. In times where there is a view that democracy is the most appropriate system in a country, in reality, not many citizens want to use the right to participate in the decision stage of the process.
How do the United Nations want to fight with the passivity of societies? The answer is YOU!
My World is a social action, which encourages every person in the world, who has access to electronic media to take a part in a simple survey. Although it is simple, it is extremely important, as everyone in this survey can point out what they believe should be a global priority when it comes to the most common and basic problems that affect people round the globe.
We can choose six out of possible sixteen issues that have been pointed out, among which we can find rationing food, ensuring that water is clean and that there is sanitary access to it, fighting with crimes and violence or even investing in mobile telephony and the Internet.
Make a move today, choose what will be the most important to you and soon enough, it will become a world’s priority too. Remember, your voice is important. You do not have to shout in order to be heard. All you have to do is leave your vote on



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Tourism and Ecology

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