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How to find the best hostas

Hostas are some of the best-loved plants for cold climate gardens. These plants are found in hundreds of different varieties and colors as well as different sizes. Most gardeners would agree that these plants ask for very little but provide a great option for anyone that wants a good-looking garden. Learn about the different varieties There are hundreds of different varieties and each kind has its own characteristics. Some kinds spread out more quickly than others, which can

be a big help when first getting a garden design started. Some varieties are very showy with large leaves and two colors. People may want a particular shade and these come in a variety of bright and deep greens as well as some that have almost a blue tint.

In addition to different colors, there are also options for different leaf shapes. Some shapes are long and oval while others tend to be more rounded. Some have a texture that looks slightly wrinkled. A few are flat while others may be concave with a slight bend. There are also people that want hostas that produce different kinds of flowers. While the flowers are never the main event, these can vary a lot in size and color.

Local stores and plant sales

People can find quite a few options at local stores like the big box hardware and garden stores. Nurseries often have quite a few choices, which may be ones grown on site or ones that are purchased from a grower.

In some areas, botanical gardens, schools and plant groups may host sales at different times of the year and sell plants to raise money. This can often be a good way not only to get a variety of different hostas but also to also potentially help a good cause.

Commercial growers

People do not always realize that they can purchase these plants online from a commercial grower. Most of these growers take orders all year long but only ship in spring or later when the weather has warmed up. These growers often have a huge range of varieties for people to choose from. For anyone that wants a specific color combination such as the blues or green and white varieties, this can be a good way to find many different options.

Many of these growers have been around for a long time and limit sales to hosta-only. A few may offer additional shade loving plants that can be grown with the hostas such as European ginger.



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