Friday, 28 June 2013 18:28

Clean the cleaning equipment naturally

Big deep one off cleaning is ahead? Or you are just about to do your daily regular cleaning tour through the messy children's room, greasy kitchen and dusty bedroom? Good for you! Admirations for your strong motivation and envious desire to have your home clean, fresh and cosy! But before wiping the upholstery or starting doing the dishes, ask yourself – is your cleaning equipment clean enough to clean the house? Don’t you forget something very important – you can fight
fire with fire, but you can’t fight dirtiness with dirtiness! Hands up, because this cleaning task is going to be about sanitising of the most common and essential cleaning supplies in your home! Make sure you rub with a clean cloth and don’t let the bacteria go around your house by hiding and jumping from one place to another! Clean the cleaning equipment naturally! After all, these objects, gadgets and cleaning supplies are providing the hygiene in your home! Don’t make them toxic and don’t make your home toxic!

1) Abandoned dishwasher threatens kitchen appliances with mould, fungi, microbes and grime! Once a week turn off the dishwasher and make some hand gymnastic by doing the dishes by hand. Sanitise the dishwashing machine with white vinegar from the outside and disinfect it with lemon juice and baking soda from the inside.

2) Remove the bad odor from the washing machine and your laundry can be finally fresh and aromatic! The fragrance effect of the washing powder isn’t done, because the machine smells bad, itself! It may get even worse – the dangerous Escherichia coli can stick on your underwear! Sanitise the washing machine by loading it empty with hot water and a mixture of baking soda, grapefruit juice and a bit of white vinegar! Vinegar absorbs all kinds of revolting odour!

3) Maintain your vacuum-cleaner frequently, if you want it to work for a long period and if you want your Carpet Cleaning to be still at home with no professional cleaning help need. Change the bags once a month and blow away the dust from the machine!