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Snapbacks for Spring/Summer 2013

The snapback cap has had a stranglehold on the urban fashion industry for some time now, and that grip only looks set to tighten in spring/summer 2013. With this in mind we've scoured the shops, surfed the web and perused the lookbooks to find you 5 snapback caps already making huge waves in the world of streetwear...

- HUF H-Town Classic Snapback We love this snapback - featuring the ever-popular leaf motif in bold orange embroidery on the front, this fresh new style from Huf is guaranteed to have you looking the part for spring/summer 2013. This is sure to fly off the shelves pretty quickly, so now's the time to get your hands on one, whilst stocks last.

- Diamond Supply Co Brilliant Snapback This snapback's classic and simple design adds a sophisticated twist to this most ubiquitous of urban accessories. The muted charcoal-grey embroidered motif, contrasts perfectly with the white colour of the cap itself. Plus, if you wanted to incorporate this season's monochrome trend into your look, this cap would finish a black and white ensemble off nicely.

- Brixton Henshaw Snapback Everything about this cap just screams sunshine, blue skies and lazy summer days, making it the perfect choice for spring/summer 2013. It's going to be one of the key looks this season, and adds a new twist to the ever-popular camouflage trend. Bright bohemian colours and bold patterns are going to be huge throughout spring and summer, so take advantage of the trend and try teaming this snapback with the matching 'Beacon Shorts', for an unashamedly summery look.

Supremebeing Icon Snapback (In Washed Red) If we had to choose the snapback of the season, hands down, it would have to this one. It's so unlike anything else available on the market right now. The pale salmon colouring wouldn't necessarily be our first choice, but somehow on this cap it works to devastating effect. We particularly love the raised embroidered icon detailing on the front. Supremebeing prove that by experimenting with design and being willing to take chances, brands can create truly unique and innovative pieces that are guaranteed to make you stand apart from the crowd.
Grand Scheme Supply Co Tropic Floral 5 Panel Okay, so strictly not a snapback, but still definitely worth a mention, this cap comes all the way from Down-Under, and they're already flying of the shelves. And when you see this Hawaiian print 5-panel, it's not hard to see why. From the adjustable leather strap at the rear (ensuring that one-size-fits-all) to the leather branding at the front, everything about this cap screams quality. However, with extremely limited distribution in the UK, only a lucky few will actually manage to get their hands on one. So, if you know of a UK supplier now's the time to get, what's likely to become, one of the most sought-after caps on the UK market this season. So, that's our pick of the hottest snapback caps for spring/summer 2013. If that little lot hasn't inspired you to add a new snapback or two to your wardrobe, then check out the myriad of other offerings from the many global streetwear brands to select that perfect look for you and your 2013 summer plans.


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