Thursday, 18 April 2013 21:31

Designer Islamic Clothing

When people think of Islamic clothing, they tend to picture dark, uninspiring cloth that drapes from ones head to her feet. But Islamic clothing for women can be as modern and fashionable as any other - as long as it stays within the Islamic guidelines of modest dress. It seems that every few months, a new Islamic clothing designer launches a collection of modern modest clothes. The goal of these designers is to break away from stale traditional styles and introduce a fresh take on

what Islamic clothing can look like.

Saouli is one of the first in this new breed of Islamic clothing designers. Based in Brussels, this company launched it's first collection in 2000, ambitiously going door-to-door to introduce it's trendy yet modest designs to the growing population of Muslim women.
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Today, Saouli's designer Islamic clothing is featured in fashion shows in Paris, Belgium, and the UK. The company also has two flagship stores in Brussels to satisfy the needs of its fashionably modest customers.

Marabo can be considered as an American version of Saouli. This relatively new company is ran by Brooke Samad, who designs and manufactures the clothes in her New Jersey home. Marabo sells its designer long skirts, blouses, and jackets at its Islamic clothing boutique online and through private home shopping parties.

Like Saouli, Marabo is finding that modern Islamic clothing is a trend within itself and both companies enjoy a growing customer base that consists of Muslim women and non-Muslims alike. Hopefully, this is a trend that is here to stay.




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