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Fashion Trend Top Picks For Jackets Of The Spring!

This topic will discuss the Top Fashion Trends For Jackets Of The Spring, I had a query of one hundred brands to pick from for spring jacket style and narrowed it down to these top five picks based on quality, appearance, fabric grading, fitting, & options you have with using these jackets. All the jackets listed, have been reviewed and I own at least one jacket or more from each of these brands but that is not why I'm recommending them, I am because of the comparison to other

companies/brands and how these burn the others when it comes to unique, etiquette, original style.

1. Adidas Fire Bird Track Top - The Adidas Track Top is by far one of many of how some of my most stylish outfits are created, most likely because of that fact that it comes in various amounts of different colors and the fabric is very soft and snug. The track top isn't to thin but it also isn't to baggy, It will keep you warm but you won't feel like you're blazing hot either, this is a very trending track top and If you didn't know it also comes with matching track pants if you decide to get those along with the top but you can always get either one separate if you don't like the track pants or vice versa. Adidas has been around for quite a long time and with them bringing back this fashionable trending style into future timing is amazing in my opinion, A lot of old school fashionable people will understand what I mean by that but in all this is a recommended jacket top completely. ( Unisex )

2. Levi's Jean Jacket - Another vintage jacket that has been brought back to style but never really has left in my opinion, as Adidas comes with their top and bottoms to their track set, Levi's also comes with various jeans that can and will match the jacket also. This jacket doesn't rip or tear easily unless you're deciding to go extreme hiking or something. The jacket comes in various styles and colors and I believe you can even get some of them personally designed. If you're a bit tall I'd say get a size up in their jean jackets, If you're a bit shorter than I'd say your fine and this jacket will fit you true to size. You can pick to get a light version, dark version, tore up and distressed version & I believe just a plain style version. ( Unisex )

3. Marmot Jacket - If I had to pick any brand that I thought was fashionable even when it's raining out and you don't feel like bringing out your top notch outfits yet, I'd have to give you some insight on Marmot. One of the best purchases I have ever made, I got a very reasonable price for one of their rain jackets about a year ago and the quality is outstanding, various colors to pick from, true to size, & most of all you WILL not get soaked no matter how much it is raining/pouring outside. You really do get your money's worth when you add one of these jackets to your outfit selection, Very easy to match with depending on your style and a very comfortable fit. If maybe the rain jacket isn't your style but you still want a presentable jacket Marmot does have other styles that you may like, this just happens to be one of many.

4. Columbia Jacket - Maybe Marmot Isn't your style for the use and purpose when it rains and you'd like to try something a little different. Let's get into talking about how Columbia rain jackets & their jackets in general hold up. The stitching with these kinds of jackets are very unique. Why? Because they hold together for a really long time just like the other top jackets listed. The fabric is very well put together, established, soft, and neat. Another true to size brand that you DO NOT have to worry about shrinking, easily ripping, tears, or stains sticking to very easily. This jacket is very fashionable and gets the job done if you're wearing it for the right purposes. ( Unisex )

5. The North Face - When It comes to North Face jacket's, I mean the brand explains itself. The reason why North Face is last is because I decided that I would put lesser brands that have style as well over a complete jacket dynasty. But In all seriousness these type of jackets will always be recommended by me, If you're looking for absolute top quality, top fabric, top materials used, & top fitting structure than you would already have to know this is a top bet and basically a NO BRAINER. Some people will probably disagree with me for putting this brand last but I like to further get into detail when it comes to choosing the right style and everyone's is different obviously unless you just choose to dress the same. In total I recommend this jacket of course for it's uniqueness in style, quality, & taste. ( Unisex )



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