Thursday, 23 May 2013 20:51

Three tips for finding a vintage sweater

Quite a few people own a vintage sweater collection. This is one clothing choice that is not only popular but can also be classic. Many of these designs have remained static over time or have such a collectible appeal that they are always in demand.  Look for condition issues No matter where you find an item, it is important to take note of any condition issues. Wool sweaters have the potential for moth holes, which may or may not be fixable. Other worries can be stains,

rips in the seams or yarn that has unraveled. If you purchase from an online store that specializes in these items, they will likely have looked at the garments and only offer ones in great condition or they will make note of any condition problems in the description.You will have to decide if you need an item that is in perfect condition or if the item can be repaired.

If you shop at consignment stores, thrift stores or yard and estate sales, the condition can also vary. The consignment stores will usually have the best items, most of the time in very good condition. There can be mixed results at the other options so it is important to look over each item carefully before making a purchase. Sales at these vendors are almost always final with no returns.

Sizing can be different

The methods of sizing have been different in the past from what they are now. Depending on what era the garment is from it is possible that a large size from the 1950’s is not the same as it is now. Look for vendors that have detailed information about the length, width across the back, sleeve length or other measurements that can help show what the garment is really like.

If you have the option of purchasing the garment in person, always try it on. Looks can be deceiving and something that seems a good fit might not be. This can also tell you how comfortable or flattering the sweater is too.

Buy the ones you love the most

Many vintage sweaters such as angora or cashmere are fairly expensive. The quality of these older sweaters is often superior to modern versions. These may also have features like abalone buttons which are not commonly found in modern versions. Buying this quality sweater won’t really put a dent in the budget if you consider the fact that these can be worn and enjoyed forever. You will want to choose these carefully so that you only buy ones that you really love and will wear.