Tuesday, 03 March 2020 09:16

Soonmotowear.com - a new producer of motorcycle clothing made of Kevlar®

 camo shirt lined with Kevlar® camo shirt lined with Kevlar®

We first heard about soonmotowear.com while scrolling through their Instagram. An excellent photo shoot and a really good look drew our attention and spurred us to better familiarize ourselves with the company’s offer.

Soonmotowear is a new producer of motorcycle clothing on the market. Although the company's offer is still quite limited, it is absolutely worthwhile to give it a try.


The producer has taken on an ambitious task - the production, as for now, of shirts lined almost 100% with Kevlar® Dupont. Interestingly enough, it is supposed to be Kevlar® of much better quality than the Kevlar we've had so far in motorcycle clothing (even in thick motorcycle jeans).

The outer material is also premium - thick flannel, decent jeans or - our total hit - a camo shirt lined with Kevlar®, made of the fabric used by the soldiers stationed in Iraq. The producers are assuring that new projects will soon be underway. If this is indeed the case, we will be keeping our fingers crossed for the success of future Kevlar® projects.


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