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Analyzing Sony and LG LED Television Sets

The technology in this modern world has gone slimmer and shorter which can be seen in several devices and electronic appliances as well. The electronic appliances could be among those aspects required for our daily life. Among those appliances of household, the LED televisions play an important role in our life, entertaining us for longer time due to greater standby and lesser power consumption. The LED televisions come with slimmer and stylish designs along with

exceptional features and functions that are appealing to us. The days are gone when people use to hang out with the older televisions which bring a lot of interruptions while watching the live sports or films or news. Such pain and distress has been sorted out by the introduction of LED televisions.

The 3D visual screen effects are among the best features which have successfully been presented by the LED televisions. It consumes lesser power, and also comes with the integration of better audio equipments. So this is quite the fact that such televisions come with a reasonable price range, and are little more expensive than the conventional color televisions. The viewers will be brought a theater like experience, and will disable them to leave their seats and go to the theater to watch the movies as it will be much preferable for them to watch the movies at home.

Various companies and manufacturers of the LED televisions came forward by presenting their latest productions integrated with modern software and upgraded hardware components and parts. Several brands are taking over the markets while competing against one another to make a place in the minds of the buyers all over. For this, a particular model of each should be selected, for instance Sony BRAVIA KLV-24EX430 and LG 26LS3700 could be better selections.

Sony brings 24 inches display size along with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels in its LED TV. Furthermore, it comes with a huge list of video features that include a viewing angle of 170 degrees horizontally and 160 degrees vertically. It also comes with 16:9 aspect ratio, Intelligent Picture Plus, Live Color, 24p True Cinema, MPEG Noise Reduction, and lots more. The audio features include Dolby Digital surround sound technology, NICAM and A2 stereo system, Bass Booster, Simulated Stereo, etc.

LG LED TV comes with a screen size of 26 inches along with a better resolution of 1366x768 pixels. The video features include Edge LED Backlight technology, 100 Motion Clarity Index, Picture Wizard II, and lots more. Regarding the audio enhancements, it features 2 built-in speakers, Dolby Digital Decoder with Infinite Surround sound technology, and few more. It also comes with several connectivity options like HDMI port, USB port, Component Video Input, and lots more.

To be absolute, Sony is far better and advanced in comparison to LG, and is highly recommended for all.



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