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Top 3 Inventions in Technology with Fabian Samuel

Fabian Samuel is an avid fan of everything that has to do with technology. Since the inception of the internet, Fabian Samuel has been enamored by its increasing popularity and functionality. Over the last few years, Fabian Samuel notes that there have been numerous advances in technology that are helping to form how we interact with the world and how

we communicate with each other. Here, he highlights his favorite technological inventions that have occurred in the past year.
Since May 2011, Fabian Samuel knows that there have been numerous improvements in existing technology as well as the release of unique gadgets. One notable invention has been the credit card accepting mobile app called Square. Now making business transactions easier than ever, the mobile application Square is allowing business owners a wallet-friendly way to accept credit card payments. In addition, Fabian Samuel notes that one particular benefit of this mobile application is its ability to sync nightly with the bank accounts to provide busy professionals an accurate summary of their bank accounts.

Another new gadget Fabian Samuel appreciates that has come out in recent years is the Lytro Camera. For Fabian Samuel, this invention is particularly exciting. The technology contained within this camera allows the shooter to capture an image and later focus the image or add effects due to the camera’s ability to record light that is coming from all directions at the time the picture was taken. This revolutionary new option is suitable for amateur photographers as well as professionals.

For Fabian Samuel, the future of printing has changed forever. Perhaps the most impressive on Fabian Samuel’s list is the Cubify Cube 3-D Printer. With this fascinating new gadget consumers are able to essentially print anything they are able to imagine in a three-dimensional form. Although pricey, the Cubify Cube 3-D Printer is a technological wonder that allows customers the ability to transform ideas into objects in the comfort of their home. A definite favorite of Fabian Samuel, this three-dimensional printer is only a tiny glimpse into the future of technology.

As a highly intelligent professional whose academic background is in information systems, Fabian Samuel is always fascinated by the latest inventions and advances in technology. In the last few years, Fabian Samuel has noticed the most notable inventions ­­– which include a mobile application that allows business owners to accept credit cards, a camera that allows the photographer to realistically rearrange an original image, and a printer that turns ideas into items. Lizelle Tyler

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