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What are the Counter Strike GO ranks and how to get those ranks?

CS:GO Ranks ExplainedWhen you start playing CS:GO and take the first step to your matchmaking journey, you are going to have to win almost 10 placement matches.

The matches are limited and you can play only two of them per day. This time is taken by the game to test your caliber. A player with no rank will not be queued with a person with a rank of Master Guardian or higher. It can only happen if they are queuing in a team of 5 players. If you want your rank fast, please look Cs-Go tips and tricks.

  • Once you have undergone the matches, you will be placed into one of the 18 Skill Groups. Your placement in any of these groups depends entirely on your performance in the placement matches. When you have reached this level, you will be able to play as many matches as you desire. You can still only queue with players that are around your own level. You cannot queue with players that are of a higher level than yours.
  • Your rank will be adjusted at the end of every match. This is also entirely up to your performance and success level. The game decides to whether assign you to a lower raking Skill group or a higher one. It is unknown that how the algorithms work for this one. But as far as we know, you can keep your rank higher and improve only if you win as a team. Individual score and kills do not matter.
  • If you don’t play no matches for about a month, your rank will disappear. To get your rank back, you are going to have to play matches and get a win or a draw. This is the only way to get your rank back. But you are going to have to give a great performance to improve and to get the CS-GO Ranking System to an even higher level.

This is everything that you need to know about the CS:GO ranks. You are going to learn more if you play the game for yourself.  

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