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Blizzard: The long-awaited premiere of Diablo IV has arrived

Premiere of Diablo IV Premiere of Diablo IV fot: press

Diablo IV, the highly anticipated game of the year, has finally been released, and it does not disappoint. The latest installment in the iconic Diablo series by Blizzard has made a triumphant return.


The game's story takes place after the events of Diablo III, where players find themselves caught in the eternal conflict between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Burning Hells of Sanctuary. However, this time they face a new enemy, Lilith. The entire action revolves around the complex relationship between Lilith and Inarius, who long ago created the Sanctuary.

Fans of the series had been waiting for Diablo IV for 11 years since the release of Diablo III. The anticipation was high, especially for those who grew up playing the second installment released in 2000. They had grown up, started families, and somewhat forgotten about the world of Sanctuary. But the hardcore fans counted down the days, hoping that Blizzard would finally meet their expectations. The developers had no room for error. They had to create a product that came close to perfection over more than a decade.

While there are some shortcomings, Blizzard has taken players' feedback to heart and made efforts to rebuild their trust. The game brings back the atmosphere of the beloved second installment, departing from the somewhat "cartoonish" world and the portrayal of the protagonist as a superhero. Instead, the protagonist is more cursed than gifted. The darker and more captivating story in Diablo IV is a significant improvement compared to its predecessor, which is not always the norm in hack-and-slash games.

The well-developed characters feel alive, with their own fears, desires, and complexities, making players eager to interact with them. This is undoubtedly one of the game's greatest strengths. Players can never be sure of a character's true intentions, adding to the overall atmosphere of a grand intrigue. The game also features excellent sound design and Polish voice acting, with notable performances by Tomasz Dedek, Danuta Stenka, and the irreplaceable Piotr Fronczewski as the narrator.

While the story and atmosphere are important, Diablo IV is still primarily a computer game, not a TV series. Therefore, it is worth discussing the gameplay. It can evoke mixed feelings. The mechanics, character builds, and skill selection are well-developed and require players to think strategically to optimize their characters. This is a refreshing change from the limited options in Diablo III. The game offers a wide range of possibilities for shaping one of the five-character classes: Druid, Rogue, Necromancer, Barbarian, and Sorceress. Additionally, players explore beautifully designed and diverse lands, all in a dark, gothic atmosphere. The graphics are cohesive and well-thought-out.

However, some players may find Blizzard's emphasis on team play to be a drawback. Solo players may struggle to overcome certain challenges, leading them to frustration. So, if you were used to soloing hordes of monsters, it might be time to invite friends to join the fun. Another aspect that may become repetitive and tedious over time is the similarity and repetitiveness of the dungeons.

In conclusion, despite some flaws, Diablo IV can undoubtedly be considered a successful production. Blizzard has learned from past mistakes and implemented changes accordingly. The game's servers, unlike the launch of Diablo III, have withstood the initial player onslaught, and Blizzard has refrained from turning the game into a pay-to-win experience, at least for now. For fans of the Diablo universe, Diablo IV is a nostalgic return to their childhood, running through the world of Sanctuary in pursuit of Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal. For others, it is an excellent opportunity to understand the hack-and-slash genre's phenomenon. Once again, the fourth installment has made a strong bid for the throne in this category.

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