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Video games: positive and negative impact

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In this digital age, it's hard to imagine life without computers, phones, consoles, etc. Often all these gadgets are used not only for work but also for recreation and entertainment.


Each type of entertainment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the person, the same way of recreation can both be an opportunity to develop talents and turn into a detrimental habit.

It's the same with video games. Although many people are convinced that games can only be harmful to health and psyche, there are many benefits that prove otherwise.

 The most common drawbacks

There are different game platforms such as Parimatch company. The main opponents of video games are usually parents.  Worried about their child, mothers and fathers find a huge number of disadvantages in this kind of entertainment. Most often these are:

  • Video games take a lot of time;
  • Affecting health - mainly eyesight;
  • Developing cruelty;
  • Games interfere with education.

And there is some truth to these disadvantages. Some games with high ratings may contain violent scenes, so they are not intended for children at all. Spending a long time in front of a computer can cause game addiction. It can also affect an eyesight. But when used properly and appropriately, video games can be not only great fun, but also a useful way to develop the right skills.

Children and video games

There are many examples that show the negative impact of video games on the psyche of children. As mentioned above, a lot of games are indeed characterized by the presence of many scenes of violence and cruelty. And even though these games are intended for adult audiences, children often have access to them as well.

Because of the instability of a child's psyche, these games can actually have a negative impact. Therefore, it is very important to monitor what kind of games the child devotes time to, as well as how much time it takes.

Video games can be useful

As it turns out, computer games can be useful.

There are many games that are aimed at developing logic, memory, attention and thinking. These include puzzles, logic games, and strategies.

There are games for even the youngest users ages 3 to 5 years. They teach your baby letters and numbers, talk about animals and plants, good for the development of motor skills, memory, and musical ear.

Special games for schoolchildren will help better absorb school material, teach different methods of solving a given problem, give in-depth knowledge of a particular discipline, and help in the study of a foreign language.

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The experience of playing first-person shooters (such as Call of Duty) develops the ability to distinguish shades of gray, which is very useful in everyday life: for example, when you are driving on a cloudy day on a snowy road. In addition, games train the visual cortex of the brain. It learns to correctly recognize the signals, as well as to compensate for the lack of a clear picture.

Gamers were much more attentive than those who are not fond of video games: they do better in the tests for the resolution of the conflict between form and content when the test subject is shown the words written in colored letters. Gamers do this task faster than those who do not play video games.

After several experiments, scientists and neurobiologists confirmed that people who play at least 10-15 hours a week have a higher concentration, and in some tests, gamers show results comparable to those of soldiers from special forces. For example, in the test, where you have to follow the moving circles that change color, the average person can track a maximum of three spots. Gamers, on the other hand, can track six or seven circles at a time.