Saturday, 09 March 2013 16:56

Types of smokers

There are millions of smokers in the world. People smoke for different reasons. Smoking is the practice of burning something to produce smoke which is then inhaled. There are different smokers and different types of smoking. The most popular type is through cigarettes. There are many types of cigarettes with the latest type being electronic cigarette. It has changed the way people smoke and health is no longer an issue when it comes to these types of cigarettes.

An example is the e cig which is very popular and of high quality. Smokers are different types of smokers and they have been put under seven categories. These types have been formed depending on reasons for being a smoker and motive.

One of the types of smokers is the sedative smokers. These are people who smoke at their own convenience just for comfort to relieve some kind of pain or tension. These smokers are not regular smokers and will be seen smoking only when they are stressed or depressed and wants to relieve the pain from those feelings. Another type of smokers is the stimulative smokers. These people only smoke so that they can trigger something to happen for example they smoke so that they can start thinking. They also smoke so that they can increase their levels of concentration or to reduce boredom. These are also not regular smokers. Psychosocial smokers are another type of smokers. These are people who are not confident about themselves or have a low self esteem and they want to increase their confidence. These people do smoke high quality and classy brands of cigarettes for example e cig which are executive cigarettes. Another type of smokers is the sensory smokers. They smoke just to feel the smoke on their lips or in their mouths. This type of smokers have not been understood by many but medical professionals have tried to explain that it is all psychological to want to feel something around you or with you and just use it so as to feel it.

Indulgent smokers are those who engage in the art of smoking for the purposes of getting pleasure. These smokers get fulfilled from smoking and they enjoy it and therefore they do it regularly. They can smoke many cigarettes at a go or within a day and they are open to try different brands even the e cig. Even if they have a favorite brand, they are not so choosy with the cigarettes that they smoke as long as it gives them enjoyment.

There are also addictive smokers who are hooked to smoking and they smoke to avoid any extreme symptoms that they might have in case they stop doing it. They are afraid of quitting smoking and hence they smoke all the time. Finally there are automatic smokers who will use any cigarette available even e cig whenever they are faced with a situation. This is because they are used to smoking in any situation.