Tuesday, 09 April 2013 18:14

Healthy and beautiful smile? Only with new Colgate!

Are you dreaming about dazzling smile that would become your prominent symbol? If the answer is YES – don’t forget to take care about it right now. You don’t have to spend all your money on dental appointments to scale or to whiten your teeth – all you have to do is use new Colgate Total Interdental toothpaste.
What is the new toothpaste from Colgate? First of al it is a real bacteria-killer – nothing else would give you such an ultimate clean feel like Total Interdental.
Why is that so? The power of thousands micro-cleansing crystals fights even the most persistent bacteria which love to settle in places where brushes can’t reach.
With new Colgate Total Interdental you will feel what is a real deep between teeth and tounge clearance – like no other toothpaste Colgate can reach places which are the most difficult to get for always healthy and shiny smile. Think a little -even 5 hours after washing teeth with any other toothpaste you can feel lack of fresh breath. With new Colgate it won’t happen because it is working long hours and it let you delight in fresh breath all day long!
Right now fight for healthy mouth cavity – change toothpaste for new Colgate Total Interdental and you will feel the difference for first brush!