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Why Botox Works Best When Used Early

Botox is derived from the toxin that causes botulism in people. This fact may cause some alarm for some but the reality of it is that it is a deadly toxin that has been put to good use. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists use it to immobilize specific areas of the body. It is usually used on the face in order to prevent wrinkles, lines and creases from forming. The substance is injected into specific areas to limit the areas range of motion. This limiting effect means less

expression and movement on the area. Doctors usually inject near the mouth, outer eyes, forehead and sometimes near the nose. The effect can last from three to five months and the individual can have additional dosages injected after the initial; effect has worn off.


People usually act on preventing wrinkles, lines and creases when they notice that they are developing. The reality of it is that, Botox is put to better use when people start using it early. This is because the wrinkles, lines and creases are not visible yet and using the substance can actually prevent these from being formed. Men and women around the age of thirty-five to forty-five are ideal candidates for the injectable. In some cases, people in their late twenties may also benefit more from it if used regularly. Doctors have long pointed out that the occurrence of a wrinkle or a line is the sign that the skin is starting to age. It is a good idea to not wait for the development of such blemishes and lines before using the substance. Teenagers are too young to start using it but those in their late twenties or late thirties may minimize the development of the wrinkles, lines and creases if they use it early. Doctors who do the injecting can recommend a regular schedule for the administration of the substance for each individual. The schedule may be dependent how long the desired effect stays with the patient. Some doctors might also recommend a rest from the use of Botox just to make sure that there is enough room for the muscle to be used once again. Inactivity can cause the muscle or tissue to wither or become listless.

People with no wrinkles yet and around the age of thirty can benefit greatly from using the substance. Using it for teenagers may be overkill because there is still a long way to go before teenagers start developing wrinkles. Doctors know when to use it on a person as well as when there is still no need for it yet. It is always best to listen to the advice of the expert since long-term use of it may have some side effect or the body might start reacting to it negatively.

This is just one benefit from using Botox after the age of thirty-five. The condition of the person's skin may indicate how early a person can start using it. It is best to listen to the advice of the doctor regarding when to use it.



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