Wednesday, 15 May 2013 20:34

Drugs Which Help In Lowering The Body Cholesterol

Drugs which help in lowering the body cholesterol are commonly used all around the globe. These drugs are marketed all around the world with complete confidence. Atrovastatin contains following characteristics; It is an efficient and effective agent which dilutes the excessive body fats and other harmful materials. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular illnesses and it is commonly used by the heart patients throughout the world. The drug is marketed by Pfizer. It is a calcium

agent which helps in removing blood clots and makes the body blood flow fluent and easy.It provides relief to the obese patients; however, its use is prescribed by doctors with extreme care. Proper exercising should be carried out and drug's use should be connected with the workout a person performs throughout the day.

The drug is also considered to be the largest selling drug in the pharmaceutical history with sales of more than $ 100 billion. Astrovastatin combines vitamins and minerals to make the drug more efficient and effective for clinical use. The drug is critical for healthy heart and it is prescribed by the cardiologists, general physicians, doctors and medical practitioners all over the world.

Since the advent of fast food, deep fried food items, easy living, automobiles and constant competition pressures heart disease, strokes and heart attacks have become very common. Now days' people die more of heart illnesses than by Cancer and AIDS. This makes the drug extremely useful and extremely effective.

Side effects of the drug include; nausea, headache, chest pain and other stomach related illnesses. The side effects are plenty, however, the good thing is that they are usually short term and subside with time.Ezetimibe is a drug which is also used all around the world. The drug is relatively new, however, its uses are extremely abundant and it is commonly used by the patients. The drug prescribed by the doctors and medical practitioners all over the globe.

It entails following characteristics; It helps in lowering the cholesterol level by working in the intestine region. This usually helps the patients with coronary illnesses and it is commonly used by them. The drug is not as effective as other drugs; however, due to fewer side effects it is commonly used with confidence.It is a relatively new drug which came in to lime light in the 2000s. It helps in lowering the plasma cholesterol levels which can prove to be fatal for a human body.

Constant testing is being performed on the drug which can make it more effective and truly worthwhile.

Its side effects usually include; nausea, diarrhea and other stomach related illnesses. Its long term use though can be harmful for a human body and may in turn cause infections. It is commonly used in the developed world and more experimentation is being performed to make the drug more useful for human use.