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Calculate calories needed - For long times, all we knew about dieting was if we wanted to lose weight, we had to chop calories. Still today, we know if we consume a lot of calories or if we don't clear enough of them, we will certainly fatten. After that once again, some people wonder about whether calories are of any importance whatsoever.  So, what is a calorie anyway? Just how are calories utilized as a fat burning guideline and why does it appear to not always work as it
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Just like machines, our bodies will accumulate toxins from the air we breathe, as well as chemicals in our foods and water. Although our bodies are capable of removing some of these toxins, there is a limit on the amount that can be removed. Once that harmful stuff starts to accumulate, our organs, especially the liver, will not be able to function efficiently. Consequently, if the liver malfunctions and cannot break down fats, it will result in weight gain. Other possible symptoms of
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There are many things one can do on a daily basis to turn the corner on disease. While one might not be sick, the simple daily habits of living life can contribute to the quality of life and the enjoyment of living. Many think that a sweet dessert is "really living" and then they reach for an over the counter pain pill to feel better or a sleeping aid to stop the tossing and turning that keeps them from a restful night's sleep.  Acidity is a factor in the quality of life one has. The more
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