Saturday, 09 March 2013 15:41

Lori Palkow has risen for the occasion with Evil Dead The Musical 4 D!

Evil Dead The Musical 4D is rising faster than the undead minions portrayed in the show, and it’s taking its local stars right up to the top alongside it!
Among the fantastic cast of Nicole Unger, John Tomasello, Ben Stobber, Sarah Willick and of course Lorie Palkow, this local production has made its way from its humble origins at the Onyx Theater to one of the busiest venues on The Strip today. 
Now located inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, this production has also contributed to the rise of another show which the cast also contributes, Legwarmers: an 80’s Musical. Among all the stars of these two productions, today we highlight one of the unique entertainers that gives Evil Dead The Musical its one of a kind flavor and humor the show has become so well known for, Lorie Palkow!

Lorie Palkow is a theater veteran in every sense of the word; a born natural, her first roles were taken on much younger than most. Lorie was in her first production at the young age of 5 performing in “Once Upon a Mattress” and playing as the horse in “Cinderella”. An avid theater supporter and enthusiast, Lorie claims she was heavily interested in Theater all throughout her high school years and was in every theater-related class her school offered. Being a part of a military family though, Lorie found herself traveling extensively across the country and ended up using her theatrical interest to help make friends in all the new places she would visit. Claiming she met all of her best friends through theater, Lorie would admit that after high school she didn’t exactly pursue her interests in performing.  She says she was hard at work going after her degree and let her interest in performing arts take the backseat, but after a move back home to Amarillo Texas, Lorie would receive the offer to try out for a local production of “Shakespeare”.

Ever since then Lorie has been a concrete piece of most of Sirc Michaels’ Las Vegas based work, performing in the October 2011 and January 2012 runs of Evil Dead as both Cheryl and Shelly. She was also part of other works like “Desert Devils”, “Cannibal The Musical”, “The Rocky Horror Show”, “Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog”, and many more. With no shortage of roles in what I personally categorize as “bad ass” theater, Lorie has made a quite a name for herself with fast rising cult musical producer Sirc Michaels.

But performing isn’t her only job; Lorie actually has a Masters degree in Environmental Science and her “real” job is an Environmental Compliance Officer for a construction company. Talk about two separate worlds, Lorie is a one of a kind actress with credentials to match! Now as her “night job” continues to gain plenty of attention and recognition in the entertainment world, Lorie can continue to pursue both her passions without worry as Evil Dead was a nominee in’s “Best Resident Show of 2013”. So don’t waste one more minuteFree Web Content, see this awesome personality do what she loves and watch Lorie Palkow as Cheryl only in “Evil Dead The Musical 4D” today!