Friday, 26 April 2013 07:32

Evian Baby&Me- find a child within you!

Have you had a bad day? Was your boss having problems to you about every single little thing, or maybe after you’ve got back home, your wife was there, waiting with a frying pan in her hands? Chill out. Take a relaxing break after this horrible day. Get on your computer, turn the internet on and join 13 million people, who were all amazed by the new Evian video clip.
Close your eyes and imagine a situation- where you walk home through the town centre, you had a bad day at work, occasionally you look what is happening around, sometimes you look inside the shop’s window to look at the shop displays. And then, you stop to look at the displays and as you would usually expect, you would see your own reflection in the window - but, not today. Instead of your own reflection, all you can see is a small, beautiful and happy child. Are you surprised? There is nothing wrong about it. Eventually, you begin to realise that the child is dressed like you, it has the same sort of look as you do and in reality sometime in future, this child who you are looking at now, will be you. In one way, this is crazy, but also overwhelming at the same time.

Evian’s advert brings up warm feelings and emotions in most of the people who decide to watch it. It is an extremely pleasant, but short video, which shows few little children, dressed exactly the same as the adults frolicking around. This advert for us was just amazing- because in this busy world, we barely remember about the child that still lives in us. A child that is so careless, a child that simply wants to get out and play!
Maybe this is the right time to change it. Maybe you should let a bit of imagination into your life. Let’s be crazy, be like the children from Evian- what if we dance in the middle of the pathway and others is starring at us? What if we are laughing loudly and others- the boring lot- look at us weird? Well, we should just ignore it. Let’s be children and let’s play, because in the end our life is our life!

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