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The power of human touch – origins of body to body massage

Body to body massage Body to body massage

We often turn to medicine when searching for a solution to our physical and psychological problems – and of course, it's reasonable.

However, sometimes we ignore the importance of touch which can also be a powerful tool when it comes to healing. A body to body massage can have a lot of benefits – not only regarding our sexual creativity but also health.


Table of contents

  1. Erotic massage types
  2. The advantages of oil usage in an erotic spa
  3. Trying Warsaw body to body massage


Erotic massage types


Adjusting the technique to the desired result is the first, most important step when planning a visit to the erotic spa. Depending on the purpose, you will choose a different kind of erotic massage. If searching for the release of energy, you may be interested in Lingam. For a holistic treatment with an intense focus on muscles' relaxation and stretching, you should try Thai massage. Meanwhile, for extremely intimate and inspiring treatment, Nuru massage will be the best choice. Full list of warsaw body to body massages with descriptions can be found here:


The conviction that massage should be performed with hands is deeply rooted in modern Western society. However, the Thai massage tradition goes back two thousand years, and Nuru is not much younger. In the past, before the world turned into conventional medicine, people were more conscious about the power of touch. Knowing that it releases the stress which is the origin of many diseases and disorders, they would include it to their routine. Lowering the blood pressure, removing the spine pains and muscle tension, erotic massage happens to be an integral element of the therapy.


The advantages of oil usage in an erotic spa


Aromatherapy is one of the oldest branches of natural medicine – the oils, when adjusted well, can treat many afflictions, from an ordinary cold to neurosis. In the massage, their smothering property is irreplaceable. The bergamot, melissa, or lavender oil enhance the relaxation effect. Meanwhile, the Nuru massage oil has highly moisturizing properties and, moreover, it helps to remove toxins from the body. Made from seaweed, it contains many microelements and minerals which make it highly beneficial for the skin.


Trying Warsaw body to body massage

How to choose the best erotic spa? Wherever you live, try to base your choice on the variety of the offer and the privacy that the salon provides. When visiting Poland and its capital, don’t forget to pass by in one of the erotic spas. Warsaw body to body massage offer is as diverse as in the Asian salons.

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