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Lose weight effectively with the help of a great app

Food tracker app Food tracker app

Many people have made numerous attempts to lose weight which have ended in failure. This leads to feelings of guilt – another defeat is proof that our will is not strong enough to succeed.

 However, nutritionists and scientists are convinced that the fault lies in restrictive diets. Unrealistic goals should be replaced by a better balanced, individually adapted diet supplemented with physical effort. Your smartphone can help in this task, specifically the Body Food Weight app.

How to lose weight effectively and in a healthy way

We are currently observing a growing problem of obesity in Western society. According to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), over 1 billion people in the world have a BMI index above the norm. The experience of "being on a diet" therefore becomes a universal experience, shared by many people from different social groups.

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, diets prove to be ineffective. They are not strictly followed, they are not continued for long enough, or they lead to the yo-yo effect. Why is that?

First of all, it is very easy to get lost in the flood of information that surrounds us about the principles of living healthy, the most effective "miracle" diets, or new superfoods. In order to effectively lose weight and improve our health, we keep trying new and trendy wellness solutions.

Focus on healthy habits

Meanwhile, it turns out that the gradual introduction of small changes in diet and lifestyle rather than jumping into deep water and choosing a Copenhagen, fruit and vegetable, or ketogenic diet brings much better results. Dietitians are increasingly drawing attention to the importance of the quality of food we eat rather than its caloric content.

Therefore, there is an increase in the daily consumption of vegetables and fruits, unprocessed groats, rice and other products from the group of complex carbohydrates, and portions of protein – in the form of legumes or white meat or fish.

Food tracker app can become an irreplaceable helper on your way to better mood and your dream figure. In the app, you only need to fill in information about your height, age, current and target weight. You can also set your preferences for various dishes or food groups. This information is used to create a custom meal plan. The calorie counting app also specifies your target daily intake of macro- and microelements. It provides extraordinary support in your daily choices and allows you to accurately track the weight loss process.

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