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The extraordinary therapeutic properties of CBD


The healing properties of cannabis have been known since ancient times. For this reason, it has been used for many centuries as medicine for various ailments. Cannabis, unlike marijuana, does not contain the narcotic substance THC, which is why you cannot be intoxicated with it.

Cannabis has another ingredient that is beneficial in alleviating many diseases and conditions. This ingredient is cannabidiol or CBD for short. What is CBD good for and why is it such a valuable natural medicine?

Relaxation, eliminating stress and finding mental and physical balance – learn about the properties of CBD!

The healing and therapeutic properties of cannabis are a real salvation in diseases which we haven’t yet found a cure for. CDB oil is good for both physical and mental illnesses due to its relaxing properties. Cannabidiol or CDB is one of 480 compounds that occur in cannabis. CBD and THC are the substances with the highest concentration, therefore their properties are known to us best. CBD oil is not psychoactive and is used for treating many different diseases in which traditional pharmaceuticals are still powerless or very ineffective.

What is CBD oil used for?

CBD oil is used for depression because its relaxing properties help to cope with changing emotional states. CDB also alleviates anxiety and mental disorders, such as neurosis. CBD can be used to relieve ADD, i.e. attention deficit disorder, also known as ADHD.

Can CBD oil be used with other drugs?

CBD oil is a natural medicine based on cannabis and can be used by everyone. However, according to the Department of Medicine at the University of Indiana, due to drug interactions we should not combine them with:
• steroids and corticosteroids
• blockers
• antihistamines

Travelling with CBD oil – can we take it everywhere?

Although CBD oil is widely available, this does not mean that travelling with CBD is legal in every country in the world. Where can I travel with CBD? CDB oil is legal in the European Union and the USA, but you can't fly with CBD everywhere.
In some Asian countries, such as Singapore or the Philippines, the possession of cannabis products is even punishable by death, so it's always good to check whether cannabis is legal in your country of destination.

CBD oil is a natural, mild and effective drug, whose properties are beginning to be appreciated by an increasing number of people.

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