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Card Games That Use Unique Card Combinations

Card games have been a popular form of entertainment for centuries. Some were developed as a way pass time with friends. Others evolved slowly over time from other types of games. The common theme is that a deck is required to play. A few types of games require unique deck combinations. Pinochle is a game that is fun to play when passing time with friends. The arrangement and number of plastic playing cards that are used are unique when compared to most other

types of card games. Players form a pinochle deck from two standard 52-card decks. Pinochle requires all of the cards that are above an eight to be included. Cards below a nine are not included during play. This means that there will be two of every number and suit from nine to an ace. There are also specially made decks of pinochle cards available.

Euchre is a game that is popular in Canada and in some areas of the United States. It is similar to pinochle in some ways. The deck that is used also includes all of the cards above eight in every suit. The game requires only one pack instead of two. The final addition is a joker although many people use a single two instead of a dedicated joker. This makes the card count for the game 25 instead of the 48 for pinochle or the 52 in a standard deck.

Canasta enjoyed a period of intense popularity during the 1950s. It was as popular as bridge in many areas, although interest has decreased since that high point. The game requires tracking points and is similar to bridge in some ways. Canasta requires two complete decks of cards and four jokers. This makes the card count 108 at the start of a game. Special holders and dealing trays are available when groups are playing canasta on a regular basis.

Bridge is one of the most popular organized card games in the United States. It has been popular for decades. Four people are required for a single game. The game relies on scoring points and working with a partner in order to win. Bridge does not use any special arrangement of plastic playing cards. A simple 52-card deck is all that is required. There are still special bridge cards available to players that have the suit and value printed close to the edge so that it is easily visible when held in the hands as part of a fan. There are also bridge sets available for dedicated players that include convenient supplies for recording scores.



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