Thursday, 25 July 2013 12:01

The Human Ocean with Bud Light Sensation

Imagine, that you’re part of a gigantic ocean – around you hundreds of people are floating about and in addition, on the dance floor there’s a massive jellyfish swimming around.  While at the same time there are fireworks, incredible lighting effects and music by Mr. White, 2000 and One, Sennery James & Ryana Marciano, Fedde Le Grand, Eric Prydz and Otto Knows.
We are, of course, talking about the amazing event entitled ‘Sensation’, which was organized by the Rogers Center in Toronto.  Twenty Five thousand people were dancing, immersed in blue light, creating the impression that they were deep under the water.  The jellyfish completed the effect, by gently floating to the rhythm of the music.  All of this happened on the first of June, however the memory of the experience remains to this day.  
Is this the only thing that Bud Light can surprise us with? Certainly not – those known producers of beverages are preparing other events for this holiday season such as: the Toronto Beer Festival taking place in Bandshell Park Exhibition Place (26-28 July), The Toronto VELD Music Festival in Downsview Park at which 30 world class DJ’s will perform (3-4 August) and Crankwork Whistler – a ten day mountain bike ride for the bravest at Whistler village (9-18 August).  All of this in order for this year’s holiday to be the best one in your life so far.  See for yourself what it was like at Sensation and have fun with Bud Light!  Join the most epic party of the year today!

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