Wednesday, 16 October 2013 18:21

Redford versus the elements

Would you dare to embark on a lonely cruise across the Indian Ocean, with a boat as your only companion? Many would consider this idea suicide, but not the hero of the film ‘All Is Lost’. However, will it pay off for him in the end?

The latest film by J.C. Chandor is a mixture of many powerful emotions. Especially since all of them are played by just one actor - Robert Redford, known for his roles in the films "Indecent proposal", "Legal Eagles" and "All the President’s Men". Once again, this actor of doubtless great stature has been thrown, quite literally, into the deep end. Alone on a boat he must face many adversities. Among these, the worst of all possibilities – the sinking of his boat, a complete lack of support and the attempt to save his own life. He is left alone. Fear, determination and the will to survive already emanate from the face Redford from the short snapshots of the trailer. Will he win this fight? This remains to be seen, and we can only be fully convinced by going to the movies.

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