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Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 2013

Buying the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend can be hard. After all, it is the biggest gift-giving day of the year (besides her birthday) and you don't want her to disappoint. With these top 10 Christmas gifts for her, you can lay your worries to rest and surprise her with a present she will adore.

1. Clothing

Clothing makes for a great Christmas present. What girl doesn't love new clothes? Try and buy her winter clothing that she'll be able to wear in the following months. Perhaps a new pair of jeans, a cozy sweater, or a lovely scarf? Just make sure you know her size or you may greatly offend!

2. Flowers

Nothing says I love you like the lovely scent of flowers. Win some extra points with your lady by buying her a bouquet of her absolute favorite flowers.

3. Jewelry

Jewelry is an obvious win when it comes to Christmas gifts for your woman. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings- they love them all and you simply can't lose with this option!

4. Spa Gift Sets

At the end of the day, every woman loves to take a relaxing dip in the tub and be blessed with the scent of fine body scrubs and lotions. A spa gift set to take her baths to the next level is a relaxing and rewarding present she'll adore.

5. Perfume

This is a Christmas gift even you can benefit from! As a woman loves to look her best, she always loves to smell her best. Buy her a perfume that you know she will enjoy and reap the benefits of a fine-smelling woman by your side at all times.

6. Smartphone/Tablet

There's really no better way to say “I love you” than by spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a technologically advanced out-of-this-world smartphone or tablet. Another benefit? You simply can't lose buying her this gift. She will love it. No doubt. Who wouldn't love a brand new gadget?

7. Book

If you've got a lady who loves to read, and you just so happen to know her favorite genre, buy her a book she'll engage in. Or go the extra mile and buy her a Kindle so she can download all her favorites on one easy-to-use gadget. A definite win!

8. Camera

A lot of females have an obsession with cameras and want to capture every moment of every day. This is why a digital camera makes for the perfect gift for the lady you love. Just be ready to smile for the camera!

9. Candy/Chocolate

Besides jewelry, chocolate is the way to a woman's heart. Buying her a seriously huge box of chocolate (or her other favorite candy) is a delicious way to make her smile on Christmas night.

10. Gift Card

A gift card is always the last resort, and should really only be used when the relationship is new and you really have no clue what to buy her. If you give her a gift card, just be sure it's to a place she likes and promise her you will go with her on her shopping extravaganza. (AND watch her try on ANYTHING she wants!)

Now that you know exactly what to get your gal, it's time to head out and do some shopping. Don't forget to check out the last Christmas coupons to save on your purchases.

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