Tuesday, 17 December 2013 16:35

Revenge and hara-kiri. 47 RONIN!


A fight for honor and justice with a touch of fantasy in the background? Many a time have we seen such a scenario. However, contrary to these thoughts, we are not dealing with yet another film about a heroic, talented and magically empowered man, but… with 47 rōnin demanding one thing. Revenge.

"47 Rōnin" is a story based on a real legend, which tells of a group of samurai who for more than a year have been planning revenge on a cruel shogun for the death of his master. To this day, the heroes of this legend are considered national heroes, particularly since, in accordance with the bushido code, shortly after the murder they had to commit group suicide.
Carl Rinscha’s film promises to be quite phenomenal - a combination of the history of honor with elements of fantasy will stimulate the imagination and make you want to watch the entire movie. If we add to the cast actors including Keanu Reeves ("The Matrix", "Sweet November", "Street Kings", "Speed") , Hiroyuki Sanada ("Wolverine", "Rush Hour 3", "The Last Samurai"), or Rinko Kikuchi ("Norwegian Wood" , "Shanghai", "The Brothers Bloom") , then there is a very good chance that we will get a great movie. Will this be the case? See for yourself, but for now, we leave you with the preview.



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