Thursday, 09 January 2014 16:06

Extreme experiences with Mountain Dew

We all have something that gives us a shot of adrenaline. For some it is riding at an inappropriate speed, for others it is unprotected sex, and for others still it is extreme sports. And what do fans of Mountain Dew do?

Once again, we see that the limits of human imagination are infinite. At least when it comes to the ideas of advertising campaigners. Today we present another little startling video advertising Mountain Dew.
What's in it? Imagine that you are performing a bungee jump. Or having some fun with a demolition ball which destroys buildings. And not just with any ball. This one, which is about to collide head-on with a bungee jumper, is filled to the brim with your favorite beverage. Sounds unrealistic? Well, the marketing experts of Mountain Dew just came up with this idea and have decided to show that even in extreme sports not everything has been invented yet.
And would you dare to take on a jump like that?

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