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Leap of Faith arrives at the Wild Place Project


The Wild Place Project is set to unveil its new adventure course, Leap of Faith, which will stand 12 metres tall – the average height of a three storey house. Opening to the public for the first time on Saturday 28th June, Leap of Faith is a test of nerves for all ages with different climbing and exhilarating challenges to take on.

One of which is the ‘3G Power Swing’, which offers an exciting adrenaline rush. Participants are hauled into the air whilst strapped to a giant swing via a harness before the release pin is pulled, plunging the swing through the air at high speed.


There are two packages tailored specifically for birthday parties; both of which include a group discount to use Leap of Faith and 50% off entry to the Wild Place Project.

Leap of Faith is set amongst the Wild Place Project’s expansive outdoor space and offers an unrivalled view of the animal attraction. From 12 metres up, participants will be able to see zebra grazing in the East African grassland, red river hogs digging in the Congo exhibit and the impressive clock tower in the Tower Meadow among other things.

Wendy Walton, Director of Commercial Operations at the Wild Place Project said: “The Wild Place Project is made up of a number of outdoor adventures - Leap of Faith is an exhilarating outdoor adventure and is in-keeping with our emphasis on getting families outside.”

Wendy continued: “Since our opening last July we have welcomed a pack of European grey wolves, red river hogs and a rare sheep breed. The Wild Place Project is developing all the time, enabling our visitors to have a different experience each time they visit.”

Leap of Faith will cost £8 per person to do one of the seven challenges. It will cost £12 to do two of the challenges and £16 to do three of the challenges. For the ultimate package and a great family day out, go for the group ‘Adventure’ package, which entitles you to six activities for £30.

Leap of Faith will be open every day during the summer school holidays, bank holidays and weekends until Sunday 7th September.

Visitors to Wild Place Project can see animals from Madagascar, east Africa and the Congo and find out how The Project is helping to conserve them in the wild. Guests and visitors can also take a stroll in the woods, relax in the Tower Meadow or have fun in the undercover Fun Fort.

For more information about visiting The Wild Place Project, visit the website at or phone 0117 980 7173.


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