Tuesday, 19 August 2014 14:00

Your friend … the milk carton!

Did you know that milk perfectly fits with every snack? No? In that case, now you have the opportunity to see for yourself in Snack Time! A brand new series of short animations which you can see on YouTube, where the hero of the day is – a carton of milk!  Short, funny cartoons showing the fate of our hero - the carton of milk, and his friends – the cookie, and the marshmallow.

Meet them all today! The authors of these cartoons want you to be entertained! They’ve spent so much time and effort for the sake of the milk carton, because somehow no one notices him… Milk is always there somewhere in the lives of everyone, but what is really going on in his life? Find out today about the mysterious life of milk, and then share his adventures with others! Let your friends also know that milk is ... cool! Got a minute to give milk some of your time between lessons? You will not be bored, because each video is only a few seconds long. Milk find his way around everywhere, goes with everything and is universal, so you can also take him with you everywhere you go.

If you like this video, then you can also see the entire series of the adventures of milk and his friends on the YouTube channel! Give milk a chance and watch the video today!


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