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Amazing flavors in Baltic Restaurant & Bar in London


There's no shortage of hip hangouts in London so our critics' have rounded up some of the best. Whether you're looking for cool coktails, great live music or some sophisticated surroundings, check out our guide to the most fashionable bars in the capital.

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While Jan Woroniecki’s other London restaurants, Wódka and Chez Kristof, have come and gone, Baltic shines on. It seems pretty recession-proof, regularly heaving with a mixed crowd attracted by the understated glamour of the pared-down monochrome decor punctuated by a supersized chandelier dripping shards of golden amber.

For an intimate date, tables can seem a little too close and noise levels can be distracting, but you’ll struggle to find elsewhere such enjoyable buckwheat blinis topped with smoked salmon, tender herring or juicy mushroom caviar. Alternatively, try a more earthy kaszanka – a haggis-like black sausage on crunchy potato pancake with tart apple. Home-style pleasures abound, such as rabbit braised in a fragrant broth flavoured with sweet prune and smoky bacon, served with little knobbly spaetzle dumplings. A more refined, perfectly moist roast cod on a bed of nutty kasza risotto with mushrooms and spinach is typical of Woroniecki’s modern take on Polish/central European classics.

Wine is quite pricey, so allow yourself to be enticed by the extensive vodka list – all are carefully described. Start with a classy clear vodka like Zytnia (rye), then move on to one of Baltic’s own tasty ginger or spicy orange varieties: heaven in a shot glass.

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