Friday, 19 July 2013 16:40

Discover the pleasure of Trojan

Wouldn’t you like to spice up your sex life? If you would, then it doesn’t at all mean  that you have to spend money on expensive erotic accessories or costumes. It is merely enough, to open your mind and a bottle of stimulating gel from the new Trojan range, and your sex will be unforgettable!
Trojan has decided to live up to the expectations of its customers by creating three new lubricants, which will undoubtedly diversify your foreplay.  Thanks to these gels, you will be able to experience much more pleasure than up until now.  In the new advertising spot from Trojan we can see, how the couple give themselves to a dance of the senses just after opening a modest, inconspicuous little bottle.
What is it, that Trojan has prepared for us? Three variants of the product: Arouse & Intensifies, Continuous Silkiness and Tingly Warmth.  The first of these is simply ideal for massage during foreplay – both for the back as well as the erogenous areas.  In addition it strengthens the sexual experience.  The second – Continuous Silkiness is exceptionally delicate and gives the impression of natural moisture.  The last product of the series intensifies the experience, by causing constant tingling in the intimate regions while warming them up at the same time.
All of Trojan’s products blend these doubtless qualities: no stickiness , no scent and a silicone base. Thanks to these, all of it can be used in any place, without the misgiving of becoming too dirty.  An additional asset the doubtless feeling of permanent moisture, which greatly helps in getting closer. Trojan products can be safely used with condoms, guaranteeing you enjoyable and safe fun for both yourself and your partner.

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