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What To Wear On Swingers Parties?

Nightly wild erotic parties, sexy attires and drinks always ready, Swingers Parties are definitely the party to be invited. In most common occasions, some people who haven’t been a swingers parties or who will be invited for the first time, they’ll probably be wearing the wrong or inappropriate clothes in the party. This is quite embarrassing and out of place. So what is the right clothes to wear in swinger parties?  Males can usually wear casual fashionable clothes but the single
ladies or couple females have problems when it comes to their attires. It’s usually common that they will feel insulted and disrespected. Male at the same time should also wear clothing that is appropriate for them. Before we get to what to wear to wear, let’s first know which are the do’s and don’ts to wear on a swingers party.



• DO wear form fitting sexy stylish dresses.
• DO show a little more skin than normal club attire. Classy but Sexy.
• DO take time to make sure that those special areas are well groomed. Nothing worse than an untamed jungle!


• DON’T wear something that really isn’t made to fit you. If you are a 10 don’t wear a seven even if the hubby says it’s cute!
• DON’T wear anything you don’t feel comfortable. You are there to have a good time and meet people with the same like and lifestyle. You have to be comfortable so people can know the real you!



• DO wear slacks or nice jeans. Though it varies with the venue dress code.
• DO take the time to groom all the hair on your body.
• DO wear a nice collared shirt or stylish shirt.


• DON’T wear overly baggy clothing
• DON’T wear ball caps unless it’s a theme party
• DON’T wear old shoes! I know they are the most comfortable but good first impression is very important in the lifestyle!

Swinger Parties in clubs are very common and the do’s and don’ts are important for you to enjoy the event.

But how about themed parties, well SKINS Parties usually hold and organize annual themed sexy parties for their members. If you are a member, then its easy to get and invite. It’s common misconception that you can wear anything but its better and let’s say insisted that you also wear clothes according to the theme.

Some themed night swingers parties are PINK! So wear your pinkest kinkiest attire to have fun. Drinks also go in pink and you might be surprised that condoms available on the booths also go with pink. Joseph Greer

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