Wednesday, 11 September 2013 17:02

The summer is approaching and with the kids out of school

The summer is approaching and with the kids out of school, many families have begun planning their summer adventures. And while summer driving may seem less stressful than the harsh driving conditions winter throws your way, there are as still few hazards you should always be aware of.  Increase in People In general, during the warmer months and

especially during summer, there is an increase of drivers on the road; the biggest segments of the new era this increase being teenagers. Since teenagers are no longer in school full time, they are out on the roads, driving to work, friends, sports, etc. Their lack of time spent behind the wheel is more likely to increase their involvement in accidents. There is nothing you can really do to avoid this hazard, but be careful and be aware of your surroundings always. If you have a teenager, spend some extra time this summer driving with them or send them to a driver's safety course. Motorists are not just confined to those in automobiles; motorists include bicyclists and motorcyclists who will always be around during warm weather. In addition to that, there is also an increase in pedestrians- walkers and joggers that you must always be aware of, as well as their animals. While pets will most likely be on leashes and out of harm's way, the real danger is wild animals. Be extra careful in wooded areas where animals are more likely to stay.

Road Congestion With the increase of people on the road, comes the increase of drivers headed to vacation getaways. With the weekends and especially the days surrounding holidays, there is a dramatic increase of drivers on the road. Crowded roads and longer lines cause slower driving time, which can potentially cause road rage in some drivers. These crowded roads and long lines can amount to an even slower driving time when construction is added into the mix. Summer is the biggest time for roadway construction. Before embarking on your trip, look into areas along your route that may be getting renovated or worked on. A detour with an extra half an hour driving time may actually save you hours of traffic induced frustration in the end.

Your Vehicle While you've left the snow, rain and damaging salt behind for another few months, there still are some summer elements that may cause damage to your car. The warm temperatures and humidity can cause fluid hoses to expand, making your engine work extra hard. In turn, this could lead to overheating of your engine. Worn down tires also have the chance of a blowout if the hot weather causes the air inside them New Era cappelli online to expand. To avoid these mishaps check your engines temperature gauge and radiator cap regularly. And of course the best thing you can (and always should) do for your vehicle is to take it to a mechanic for routine checkups.

Always be aware of your surroundings and keep your car in top shape. By keeping these issues in mind for the next time you head out on the roads, you will ensure a safe trip for you and your family as well as others on the road. Happy travels! Wang Italia