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Welcome to Dar Zemora !

A few kilometers from the city center of Marrakech, discover Dar Zemora and small rooms and suites in the heart of nature ... where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the snowy peaks of the High Atlas, from sunrise to sunset ... Dar Zemora offers luxury disorientation in space and time with its architecture, its warm welcome and high-end services. This small luxury hotel marrakech, allows you to live a unique experience in the countryside, without disdaining
comfort and some luxury.

Your bedroom, living room, but also your private gardens and terraces you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the snowy peaks of the High Atlas, from sunrise to sunset ... The kitchen ...

Vegetables and fresh fruit will be the basis of a delicious cuisine that you can taste the dishes and Moroccan specialties.

- The restaurant ...

Feast your senses and enjoy a true gourmet experience in the areas of international renown haute cuisine that the hotel offers. An extraordinary selection of dishes author, thematic and international restaurants that will make you enjoy a unique dining experience.

In the restaurant Dar Zemora, you can enjoy delicious dishes from all countries, at the height of the most discerning guests. If you choose to enjoy the widest variety of gourmet restaurants, this small villa you can enjoy specialties from around the world prepared before your eyes.

- Relaxation ...

Dar Zemora offers moments of rest and relaxation in the gardens of olives, oranges, pomegranates and vines.

- The architecture...

luxury hotel marrakech Dar Zemora stands out from the selection of luxury hotels with its finely decorated rooms, equipped with all the amenities and services, down to the smallest details to make your stay unique in Marrakech. This luxurious villa ensures maximum rest to all its guests, not only because of the tranquility of the rooms, but also for the care and attention it gives to the preparation of beds, dressed sheets Highest quality or adapting to people with allergies or special needs.

- The design ...

Each room has large windows that allow light to filter into the room and provide a soft, natural lighting. With a unique and luxurious interior design and unique furniture, each room has a private bathroom, air conditioning, heating and Internet access.

- The spa ...

This boutique hotel marrakech allows you to take a refreshing bath with shower pressure and Moroccan Spa, equipped with toiletries brands. The terrace ...

All rooms have a private terrace or balcony fully furnished. You will enjoy a magnificent view of the snow-capped Atlas mountains, endless gardens and stately palms.

- Entertainment ...

Dar Zemora offers a wide and varied range of activities designed for all tastes and desires:

Sports: Tour ball, Quad Tour on horseback or camel, escape to the mountains of the Atlas, Tennis, Golf ...

Evening activities: Evening shows, live music ...

Cultural program: visits to the major attractions of the red city Marrakech.

Dar Zemora is named among the best resort hotels in Marrakech, so do not hesitate to live unique moments and enjoy the best service with the quality and satisfaction of the highest level.

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