Thursday, 01 August 2013 21:19

Kenya Safari Travel Tips

A wildlife safari in Kenya, Africa can be a truly breathtaking experience. However, if it's your first visit to Kenya or for the matter to the African continent, you need to know about certain important tips before you plan your vacation. Here, we have given you the most important tips that will help you to have an enjoyable tour. Choose a Tour Package: The first thing you need to do is to choose a good Kenya tour operator. There are several of them and hence you need to do your
research well. Compare itineraries and prices and choose the one that you think is the best. The tour operator will take care of all your travel arrangements including your visa, boarding and lodging, food, etc. Once you have finalized the tour operator, make sure you get a detailed itinerary and also see to it that it covers whatever you were promised by the agent. If the packaged tour is beyond your budget, you can go for a self-made tour although it could be difficult if you do not organize your trip beforehand. However, you must always go in a group and never alone.

Best Time to Visit: Before you book your tickets, it is important to know what would be the best time to visit the place. Kenya does not face extreme climates and hence it can be visited any time during the year. However, there are a few months that are definitely the best. It would be best to visit Kenya between August and October, as it is the time of the wildebeest migration and most of the animals will be in Maasai Mara. Summer that runs from September to April is also a good time for visit, as the climate is not very warm. Monsoon is during April and May, and it is the season of long rains. As it is not peak season, the travel and lodging rates are low and so many prefer to visit Kenya during this time. But you must remember that many places are closed due to the long rains.

Clothes to Wear: It is important to know about the type of clothing that you should wear while going on a safari. It is best to wear and carry lightweight, casual clothing that is comfortable. Men can wear long pants, tees, cotton shirts and shorts. Women must avoid wearing shorts, as it is not accepted in the streets of Africa. A hat and walking or tennis shoes are a must too.

These are just some of the tips that will help you during your Kenya safari tour. Your tour operator or even your tour guide (whom you would meet when you reach Kenya) would give you additional details about your stay in Kenya as well as about the wildlife safari. Listen to the instructions given by the guides and follow them strictly. This will ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe trip. Thomas Kinly