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Discover the beauty of Polish

Discover the beauty of Polish Copyright: uroburo

In Poland there is a lot of beautiful places, which visiting this country, we should be sure to visit. Poland is a country where there is a lot of very interesting places that this place is a must see. Be a doubt belongs to them even Krakow, the Wieliczka Salt Mine or Zakopane. In each of these places, there are monuments to which can not be ignored and must-visit visiting Poland. But why is this so important place on the tourist map Polish and in them is so interesting? These questions will find answers state in the article below.


Krakow - the capital of the legendary Polish

Monuments in Cracow we have very much, but undoubtedly one of the most important and worth seeing, is definitely Wawel. This former residence of Polish kings, but also the place where they are buried. Wawel together with the dragon Wawel became the symbol of this city as well as Polish. Visiting Poland, Wawel is a must-seen when it comes to tour around Krakow. But Krakow is not just Wawel. It is also a beautiful commons Vistula, the old city or even the charming streets with breathtaking views.

Wieliczka Salt Mine – one of the most popular Mine in Europe.

Visiting Poland, the Wieliczka Salt Mine should be one of the compulsory points of our trip. Firstly, because in this mine is one of the most beautiful in Europe chapels, made entirely of salt - Chapel sacred Kinga. From the chapel, it is related to one of the most important, Polish legends. It tells about how in general it came to be that the mine was established. Thus, it is worthwhile to explore the mine and get to know one of the most beautiful Polish legends.

Zakopane – a perfect place to relax

If you are looking for the ideal place to rest in Poland, Zakopane it certainly is. Rich in beautiful streets of Krupowki headed, and full of interesting walking routes - is an ideal place for family holidays. Zakopane is a place that certainly makes if you are not convinced to relax in the mountains, after a visit to the resort change your mind.

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