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Ear piercing- the latest fashion mantra!!!

Ear piercing as the name suggests means making a hole in the ear, typically lobe so that you can put on jewelry through it. Being one of the most sought after ways of embellishing the face and head, the piercing of the earlobe has been the most standard form of ear piercing since a very long time however today many folks have their outer and upper cartilage sections of the ear pierced too. And although pierced ears are connected primarily with women, in the modern West men
and women both have worn earrings in cultures around the world as well as in European and Western history.

As far as adorning the body is concerned, you can very well get a tattoo done but as they say it can sometimes turn out to become a permanent oops!! But getting a new piercing is as effortless, exciting, and seasonal as buying up a fresh pair of latest heels. And while it has been practiced since ages, of late there has been a clear-cut shift. It has come out of the proverbial closet and today it’s doing the rounds in fashion runways, magazine covers and as an art form in itself.

Ear piercing is not just a means of expressing oneself but is also intricately linked to one’s identity. Using one’s body as a canvas it has become an ever changing art work. From Ear Gauges to Bone Piercings there are now hell lot of options available in the market .Piercing ornaments made from organic stuffs are all the more hygienic and comfortable to wear than the ones that are made from metals and synthetics that give out a awful odor when you are wearing it. In the recent years wooden piercing and particularly tribal ear plugs that are made of wood have grown to be tremendously popular.

The cause behind this is that wood is the most sanitary substance to be employed for rear- stretching and is completely odor- free; it is also not very heavy and keeps a comfy temperature in all kinds of weather. Wood being the easiest material to work with and most reasonable makes the wood piercing jewelry and other stuffs made out of it cheaper than the other raw materials. This is also a ground which further adds to its demand.

Yet another low cost threat free option to ear piercingis to try non piercing jewelry as a substitute or precursor for a piercing. Itis virtually the best solution for teenagers under sixteen whose parents are unwilling to let them undergo piercing. Non piercing jewelrylets you fasten a metal ring to your ears. These rings settle on when softly pinched shut. They are risk free way to get the same appearance and nobody will ever figure out the difference. You don’t have to meander around aimlessly, withso many online stores that have come up, the ideal destination to Buy Ear Piercing jewelry. If you are longing for a little more bling then go buy yourself these amazing range of piercing jewelry.

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