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In order to stand out of the crowd and be original, people wear many different kinds of accessories. Jewellery is worn not only to highlight the outfit, but also the person's character. Similarly to clothes, trends in jewellery have come and gone over the years. However, there are many elements which are timeless. One such accessory is flesh tunnels, a type of piercing which stretches holes in earlobes to a specific diameter. The smallest flesh tunnels are a few millimetres in diameter, and the largest up to twenty centimetres.

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Fashion and style haverevolutionized the world thought process. The evolution of fashion has taken many forms and shapes. And it is quite surprising to note that body piercing has always been in trend since its inception long back. Since the ancient times, body piercings have been practiced by both males and females. In those days, body piercings signified domination and for body beautification purpose. But if we think of the present generation, body piercings are
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Thursday, 11 July 2013 11:52

Ear piercing- the latest fashion mantra!!!

Ear piercing as the name suggests means making a hole in the ear, typically lobe so that you can put on jewelry through it. Being one of the most sought after ways of embellishing the face and head, the piercing of the earlobe has been the most standard form of ear piercing since a very long time however today many folks have their outer and upper cartilage sections of the ear pierced too. And although pierced ears are connected primarily with women, in the modern West men
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Body Piercing columbus ga is probably the ways to express personality. While others express themselves through composing and drawing, we can try this by taking on some body alterations. Just like other types of self-expression, this kind of body art is actually embraced by people in other ways and not these consider it as a type of rebellion. For those who don't have body artwork and do not know very well what this art is for, they might believe that we all change ourselves because of
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Be it for the purpose of style statements or simply for the reason, that a friend is using it, the body piercing jewellery has nonetheless attracted plenty of attention these days. It is the wearing of jewellery by doing a small hole in the body, in different regions. These jewellery items can be made of gold or other metals like titanium and sometimes it is possible to find cheaper materials like steel, or mixed steel.
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