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Fashion and style haverevolutionized the world thought process. The evolution of fashion has taken many forms and shapes. And it is quite surprising to note that body piercing has always been in trend since its inception long back. Since the ancient times, body piercings have been practiced by both males and females. In those days, body piercings signified domination and for body beautification purpose. But if we think of the present generation, body piercings are
not about any superiority but for style statement.

Many types of body piercings have been practiced since long. Each of them has their own cultural significance. The ear piercing was thought of a force to ward off evil souls. Tongue piercing was also used keeping in mind a different concept. It was believed that it would help a person to be nearer to God. It was basically known that Columbian era civilization used these types of tongue piercings mostly. Different tribal cultures of Africa and America had different thought behind lip piercing. Tribes of Dogon community considered lip piercing as related to spiritual reasons.

American tribes regarded it as something which symbolizes status. They were especially used among males. For increasing one’s own physical beauty, Makololo tribes used lip piercing. Nose piercing is famous very famous in India among women. Married Indian women wore them as a symbol of marriage. But now, unmarried girls are also wearing them as a matter of fashion. Since biblical times, jewels for nose have been regarded as a symbol of status for males.

Among the many variety of body piercings include lip rings, earrings, studs, tragus rings, and nose rings. These are available in the form of jewelry. The materials used in these are plastics, gold, titanium, stainless steel, and silver. Among the above mentioned metals, titanium is the most famous and widely used metal for body piercings. Tribal Piercings are already discussed above and they include jewelry basically made of stone, bone, wood, and other materials. Ear gauging has been practiced among the tribes where they stretch the diameter of ear lobes. Modern people also do this but their intension is not same as the tribes. They thought is as a status symbol. Whoever had bigger gauges, indicated more superiority over other male tribes.

Bone Piercings are mainly practiced by tribes since precious metals are beyond their reach. Bones are a healthier option when body piercing is concerned. Not only they are not prone to infections, but they area around the bone piercing, heals faster over a period of time. When you decide to Buy Ear Piercings please consult a doctor for the metals which are allergic to you. Also find out your problem areas which should not be pierced. For those of you, who think that body piercing is very painful, then you can opt for non-piercing jewelry which are painless but stylish. Visiting a wholesale shop for body piercing jewelry is a good option. So, go out and flaunt with stylish piercings.

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