Saturday, 05 December 2015 18:00

The CE marking - why is it such an important product marking?

We all want to buy the highest quality goods – after all, we spend the money on items that we expect to be useful for a very long time. It’s worth thinking about what guarantees us the safety and quality of goods.

The "New Approach" directives introduced in the European Union have standardised the requirements concerning the quality of the goods sold in countries belonging to the EU. To distinguish these products from those of other countries, each of the products meeting the requirements is marked with the CE symbol. This means, among other things, that the manufacturer uses technologies which are conducive for the protection of health and the environment, eliminates potential dangers and meets all quality requirements.


We usually look for the CE symbol on more expensive products, when quality is especially important to us. However, we don’t ever wonder how these items have been certified to be able to use the CE mark. It is a very tedious process that is based on analysis and testing. Many entrepreneurs choose to use the services of specialised external companies that facilitate obtaining the CE marking. One of them is Pilz, which operates in many European countries and specialises in the certification of machinery and safety devices. Such companies take comprehensive measures allowing to obtain the CE mark and offer their advice in case of any doubts.

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