Wednesday, 27 March 2013 11:53

Change coffee for better

Coffee is a drink which people are savouring all over the world. Repeatedly it was a part of essential soldiers equipment and it visited more than one country. A lot of people can not imagine business meeting or afternoon relaxation without taking a sip of this black liquid. However is it worth to feel satisfied with anything among many?

Most certainly – NO! As everyone knows – there’s a lot of different coffies and it is easy to spoil one. However if you taste extraordinary, freshly ground beans from Van Houtte you won’t drink anything else.


The best coffee beans, appropriate roast level and aroma which is extant at every stage of production are composing something what is absolutely indispensable in your kitchen.

Van Houtte coffee commands the respect of baristas, precisely because it is the only one which is able to give you the noblest espresso or cafe americano with it’s extraordinary flavour and fragrance.

You don’t have to believe us now – just try to brew a cup of Van Houtte coffee and you’ll become convinced of the fact that in truth you have never drink a genuine coffee. It’s taste and aroma were extant but they were also very faint. With Van Houtte you could savour them every time you brew a new cup of coffee.

Today change coffee for better, let your taste-buds discover Van Houtte, and you’ll never reach for anything else!



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