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Fried Eggs Over Potatoes, Asparagus, and Garlic

Garlic and asparagus are two of nature's healthiest foods. Do you enjoy eating them both in the same meal? If so, you'll love this recipe. I'm an admitted garlic addict. Ask anyone who knows me. I'll eat the beautiful cloves from any stinking rose as many times a day as I can and I'll never get sick of them. Of course, I always crush my garlic and let it sit by itself for at least ten minutes which is the proper way to eat garlic. And I never heat it or cook it because heat quickly

destroys its health benefits. Despite the amount of garlic I eat on a daily basis, I don’t smell like garlic! Lucky me.

Another food that I absolutely love is Asparagus. Yum! Sautéed asparagus, in real butter no less, is one of my favorite side dishes.

Who doesn't like fried potatoes and eggs? That's an American breakfast staple that I can eat 365 days a year. Add some sausage or bacon and you've got the perfect meal to get your day started. Although bacon and sausage are great with fried eggs and potatoes, there's another mix that tastes out of this world, and I'll bet you never had it. By mixing together asparagus, garlic, fried potatoes, and then plopping two fried eggs on top of it all, you'll get one of my favorite home cooked meals. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Keep reading to learn how to make it.

You'll need to pan fry some potatoes. I prefer the skin on, but you're welcome to peel the potato if that makes you happy. Wash and rinse a medium sized potato, and then cut it into medium cubes and start frying the cubes in a tablespoon of butter. Cook the potatoes until they're thoroughly cooked and crispy.

The next step is to crush three or four cloves of fresh garlic and set it aside in a small bowl. The garlic shouldn't be mixed with any other food for at least ten minutes (this will maximize the health benefits associated with garlic). If you're not a garlic fan like me, maybe you should start with only a single clove of garlic.

Wash and rinse your asparagus, and cut the first six inches of each stalk into quarter inch pieces. Toss a tablespoon of pure butter into a small skillet, set the heat to medium, and then sauté your asparagus. When the asparagus is finished cooking, dump it into the pan with the potatoes and mix them together. Turn the heat off.

At this point, the garlic should be ready. Dump the crushed garlic into the pan of potatoes and asparagus, and mix together thoroughly. Be sure you break up any clumps of crushed garlic so that you don't end up taking a large bite of pure garlic when you're eating!

The final step is to fry some eggs. I prefer over medium eggs. I enjoy fully cooked whites and runny yolks. Before the eggs finish cooking, dump the potato, asparagus, and garlic mix onto a large plate. Then, plop your fried eggs on top. Salt to taste, and enjoy!

Although this is an extremely simple meal to make, it's one of my favorites and I make it at least three to four times per week. I hope you like it too!

Ingredients (enough for one person):

1 medium to large sized potato (washed and cut into cubes)
10 stalks of asparagus (washed and cut into small pieces)
4 cloves of garlic (crushed)
2 large eggs




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