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Peppercorns - Your Spicy Companions

If you are looking to add spice to your life, you cannot possibly overlook the king of spices. Peppercorns have always been in demand all around the world, proving to be just the right companions for many kinds of cuisine. So, if you would want to make your kitchen look even more interesting and your cuisine much more palatable, you could not possibly do away with the tantalising peppercorns. There is so much more to peppercorns than what the casual observer may know or may

have had the opportunity to take note of. And there is so much variety to them that it would help to know which ones you are looking for. There are different kinds of peppercorns based on the way that they are processed. Green peppercorns, for instance, could have been freeze-dried, air-dried, or may have been preserved in brine solution. It depends on the kind of peppercorns that are required for your purposes, but in general, people tend to prefer air-dried peppercorns to the others.

That is not to under-estimate the value of the freeze-dried ones though - if you are looking for peppercorns that look and feel the best, in terms of appearance as well as in terms of flavour, you must be considering the freeze-dried ones. These peppercorns have been the preferred lot in terms of freshness and their strength of essence, though they may turn out to be more expensive than their air-dried counterparts.

Peppercorns also tend to come from different sources and from various countries. Some of the most famous peppercorns that are in demand along most places in the world are the Malabar peppercorns - these are peppercorns that have had their origins in India along the south western coast. They are found to be rich in fragrance and high on freshness and are often quite pungent for the unsuspecting.

For people who would want their peppercorns to be of a milder variety, it would be a good idea to choose the Madagascar varieties, which are known to be less pungent and are good options when it comes to using as accompaniments for meat and meat products. If you would want to see how peppercorns would be when they are moderate, smoky, and smaller in size, you should try out the Lampong black peppercorns that are products of Indonesia. With their mild aroma, these peppercorns prove to be the right choices for everyday use.

Whatever your options are and whatever tastes you cherish, ensure that you never run out of the most wanted spice around the world - peppercorns.



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